Lab News

A brand-new laboratory!

Great news at the beginning of Year Tiger 2022! We moved into our laboratory, with big space, great view, and is fully equipped! We are expecting a fruitful and exciting year!

CRISPRi-seq in Nature Protocol!

Vincent and Xue’s paper titled CRISPRi-seq for genome-wide fitness
quantification in bacteria is published in Nature Protocol! Congrats!!!

Welcome Yuzhang!

Dr He joined the group as a postdoc since 2nd of January! We hope he will enjoy the life and research at Shenzhen University.

Forums attending

Xue Liu and Wan Li attended the “International Engineering Technology Top-level Forum on AMR Development and Stewardship & 1st Youth Academic Forum”.

Visiting Xbiome

The group visited Xbiome (, an Industry-leading AI-based microbiome drug development company at Shenzhen, China.

1st LabMeeting :)

Yujie Liu introduced Pseudomonas aeruginosa, an important human pathogen, and presented the application of CRISPR interference in this bug.